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Hi Guys, First of all I want to thank every one who nxnn tube took the effort to fill the from on my website in and send it to me. We stayed chatting for quite some while, but when it came close to noon we needed to go otherwise we would be too late. "So are you ready to go Francis?" "I think so Nick, I am still not sure if I want to talk with him but hd porn xnxx I will want to try it". "Well just take your time, and you will xnxx hd movie see it will be all fine. Nothing to worry about". "Maybe but he was my first love Nick, that is something you don't forget that easily". Wow, I thought, xnx sex was he afraid of falling in love again? This was something new. I, well never mind any reason for me to get jealous about nothing. He loves nxxnx me now and not Brian. I looked at him, took him by the hand and said "Come, let's get us ready". We walked out of the kitchen hearing David xnsex saying something like what a cute couple they are. Followed by the laughs of both Dad and Kathy. I was not xxnx videos sure Francis had heard it also, but we went towards my room. " I just need to get my coat Nick, then I am ready to go". He let my hand go and walked further into the hall. I went into xxnxxhd my room and got my coat as well. It was still not cold outside but there was some rain predicted. I walked out of my room and waited for Francis. When he came out of the room and walked free xnxx movies towards me he didn't look like the self-assured Francis he always was. Just like yesterday evening xnxx of speed there were signs of doubt of what he was going to do. I put my arm around his shoulder when I reached him. "Everything will be fine Francis, I know it will. I think somehow Brian wanted to talk with you also, otherwise he would never have been there to watch us". "I know Nick, and he can't be in love anymore with me, he has Andy now". "Is xnxxindo this what you are afraid of Francis, you falling for him again or the other way around"? "I am not sure Nick, you know I love you, but still he was the first to ... . Oh my god why is this difficult". "Hm I know xn.xx www xnxx com home 1 Francis, but I am here to help you". We walked downstairs and out image xnxx of the door. The place we would go was only about 20 minutes walking from our home so we went by foot. We kept walking with my arm around his shoulder until four houses further on I saw a man looking at us. Then I realized that new xnxx hd he was looking at. Francis seemed xnnn to notice it also because he x video tried to get his shoulder away from my arm but I said softly: "if you don't mind Francis, I like walking like this with you. Let others think what they want". He only smiled and we walked further. "You know Francis, maybe this is just the perfect moment to see xnxx com hd xnxx top him again and to get answers on all the questions you have after what happened back then". "You think so Nick?" "Well yes, and maybe Brian thinks that xxx photos also, otherwise he would not have been there yesterday". "Maybe Nick". "Well whatever happens honey, I trust you. I know you love me". While I said that I had pushed my hand a little harder xnxxx sex video at his shoulder so we www xnxx com search malayalam xnxx image started to walk even closer together. We reached the park, desi nude photo which we had to cross. "Don't you think it is better if we get a little more distance here, Nick? You know there are always some schoolmates of ours playing here and I am not ready for that at the moment. I think we have enough to deal with". "Hm, xnxx porn hd you are right Francis", and I brought my arm back to my side just brushing his hand and arm now while we walked into the indian xnxx videos park. "I must say Francis, that after last night I long for the time that we can hold hands together and behave like a normal couple in public. It felt really great last night". "I know Nick and soon we will be able to do that, but for now let's take it one hurdle at a time". Just in time we reached the restaurant. Brian and Andy were already there and it seems that the status of Andy had given us a rather secluded place at the backside of the xnxxx korea restaurant looking out on the terrace there. "Nice place xnxx.hd you got us Andy", I said xnxx h trying to break the xnxx hd indian ice. I saw the tension on the face of both Brian and Francis. "Yes that's what you get xxx xnxx xxx videos from being famous: special places, special attention. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good good". "Well you can't have it all, can you?" "No, but we can try". I gave both Andy xnxxmom and Brian a handshake and said that I was glad that they were here. "Nice to meet you at last Francis", Andy said when he got a handshake xxnx movie from Francis. "Sorry for my behavior of last night, but I think Brian told you all about it". "To be honest Francis, yes, he has". Andy sat back on his chair leaving only Brian and xzxx Francis standing now. Looking at each xnxx2019 other. I was not sure what was going to happen but it better happen soon, because the silence starting to get deafening. "He is not xnxx sex scandal going to bite Francis". I said xnxx porn hub at last to try to make things easier. Andy started to laugh a little bit about it xnxx hd .com then Brian said: "Oh god Francis, come here. I missed you so much". With that he almost fell into the arms of Francis. For a second I xnxx images saw an attack of panic in the xnxx xxx com eyes of Francis, but then he relaxed and let him self be hugged by Brian. I was not sure if I was completely happy with that after what Brian said, but I knew I could trust Francis. "I missed you too Brian" I heard Francis answering. They let go of each other and wanted video to go sit beside each other. "Hmm, I think to be honest Francis, that Brian wants to talk to you, and if that is ok with Nick, you better do that in private in a second. I know you probably have some questions for Brian as well". Wow! Andy was pushing this really quickly. I only hoped that Francis was ready for this. "Yes I think that is a good idea, if you want to that is, Francis. I would never want you to xxxxx do something you are not xnxx video xxnx movies up to". "Hm all good advise today I think. Nick thought it was also a good idea to talk with you Brian so maybe we sex photos better do so". They walked away to a table that was just outside on the empty terrace. "You know Nick, I would really want to xxx sex be a bird on that table and listen to what they tamil xnxx hd are talking about, but I think it is important for them to have this conversation. Brian was hardly xnxx sex story able to sleep last night. He thought it would be better had you or Francis prepared for the fact that he was being around there. He said that he had seen you two standing at the window just before dinner, xanxx but he hadn't got the nerve to come up to you then". "Well, I had to talk Francis into getting here, but I think you are right, they both are walking around with unresolved business that needs to be clarified". "I just hope that they get to some understanding. I know that www xnxxx Brian has hurt Francis, but sex xnxx videos xnxx there was just no other possibility if I understood it correctly. Brian hasn't told me everything, but it seems xnx movie that it had something to do with Francis' parents". I sighed and Andy looked at me, "You know them?" "Well knowing them is xnxx in hindi the wrong word for it. Lets say that they threw Francis out of the house when they got xnx com suspicious that he was seeing a guy again". "Wow! That is something. Where is he staying now?" "At my place. My father was ok with him staying for the time being". "So you are already living together xnxx.videos Nick, smart move". "I am not sure that you can call it living together but at least we can see each other when xnxx pron video we want and that is something I really appreciate". "So you never saw his parents?" "No, not so far, and I think I am never going to see them. I know it is hurting Francis a lot, but he is not regretting getting out of there at the end. I think he misses his mom the most but his dad is xnxxx hd ancient history for him". "Well I just hope that they can fix things, Brian is a great guy and I have seen him worrying for a while now that www.nxx he would bump into Francis somehow". "Why is that; does xnxxx mom he live here now?" "Yes. He found himself a job, and well, I am here too when I am training or like xnxx.cim now injured". "Oh, how did he find out that Francis had also moved here"? "He got xnxhd his xnxx videos download name on the list of one of the gymnastics indian competitions some while xnxx vidios ago. He isn't performing himself anymore, but he is still following every little detail of what there is to know in the sport". "I really would like to start to know you and Brian better". "Well to be honest I was really looking forward to get to know a few more gay couples, even if there is one famous one". "Shsst, I am happy that I am not that famous, I am not followed all the time so I can sometimes live like a normal person. I just need to be careful when I am xnxx picture around the tennis court and at home". "Lets just wait and see if they can settle things Andy". "I think they will Nick". <<<< In xnxx free xnnxxx the meanwhile, outside on the terrace >>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<< Hmmm, no, let that part wait until Francis can www xnxx com search kannada tell Nick what happened, sorry guys >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> While Brian and Francis kept talking, something I saw as a good thing because porno those mend that can at least come to some understanding; Randy walked in and sat down at the table. <sex video full hd you guys xnxxindonesia hanging like this I will get back with chapter 27 pretty soon as it is almost written. Let me know what you want to happen next send me


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